MANGOLDT stands for quality

MANGOLDT group of companies is globally recognized as the market leader for reactor technology. The company is specialized in technically highly demanding customized reactors for reactive power compensation, power quality filters and drive technology in many countries.

Our team of more than 120 specialists in Germany is completed by a growing number of qualified colleagues from East Asia and India. With enthusiasm for our technology, they all together form the heart of MANGOLDT, combining technical knowledge with experience in development and production.

We can deliver to our clients the optimal solution for their applications, combining superior performance and the highest product quality with best economic efficiency.

On a global course to success

An export ratio of 60 percent is characteristic of the international alignment of MANGOLDT. Our reactors are used in electrical systems on all continents for better safety and efficiency. Sites in Germany, Taiwan and India form a strong global network for sales and service – together with a firm, long-term trading partner in the USA.

Our clients benefit from short and uncomplicated paths to delivery, more direct contact and the economic benefits of production on site. Of course, we use the same very high standards for product and production process quality at all sites that the MANGOLDT headquarters in Aachen use.

Happy customers prove our success!

Hans von Mangoldt founded the company as a transformer factory in Austria
Re-established in Aachen after World War II
Expansion of the production capacities in Aachen and changes in production from transformers to reactors
Integration of the former VEB transformer construction in Erfurt (Thuringia) as a production site
New construction of a reactor production site in Thuringian Großrudestedt 
Founding of Hans von Mangoldt Electric Ltd. Handelsgesellschaft in Suzhou (China)
50% expansion at Aachen, increase production area and new administrative offices in Aachen
Founding of Meher Mangoldt Inductors Pvt. Ltd. In Bangalore (India) as a production facility and sales office
Founding of Hans von Mangoldt Taiwan Ltd. Handelsgesellschaft in Kaohsiung (Taiwan)
More than 170 employees in 4 countries and a production capacity of 200,000 medium and low voltage reactors per year
The Reinhausen Group in Regensburg, Germany has acquired 100% of Mangoldt shares