Due to their high precision and reliability, electrical reactors "made by MANGOLDT" are the standard in the electrical industry. Our family-owned company's name, Mangoldt, represents technical sophistication in the design and construction of custom reactors used in modern technologies such as reactive power compensation, motor drives and renewable energy.

Each reactor design is based on knowledge gained from several decades of applications experience and ongoing research and development. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives our continuous improvements in construction and production techniques. This results in high performance products that are the best technical and economical solution for our customers and contributes to our success as a market leader in many countries. MANGOLDT products always offer the optimal and most economical solution for our customers!

Filter reactors

Effective protection of detuned and tuned filter circuits against overload from high harmonic levels in medium and low voltage distribution systems.

Line / Load reactors

Effective protection against harmonics and transients in high-performance drive systems.

Compensation reactors

Long-lived and highly precise reduction of undesired reactive power.

Air core reactors

Effective against switching peaks and inrush currents in reactive compensation and other capacitor systems and in limiting short-circuit currents in...

Smoothing reactors

Highest plant safety thanks to smooth current ramp up for soft starting converters that switch very high loads for short periods.

Audio frequency blocking devices

Blocking of audio signals in reactive compensation systems, consumers or distribution systems with precise tuning against audio frequency transmission...

Tuning inductors

Higher efficiency and a better signal quality for audio frequency transmission systems due to precise and reliable setting of the inductance.

Active filter reactors

For demanding use in active filters against very high stresses at PWM switching frequencies.

dV/dt - limiting chokes

Protection from steep voltage increases at the output of PWM inverters and reduction of capacitive discharge currents.

Sinusoidal filter reactors

Efficient production of a sinusoidal voltage waveform at the output of PWM frequency converters – for environments susceptible to interferences.

Water-cooled reactors

Compact reactors for higher performance, achieved through efficient dissipation of power losses through the indirect water cooling circuit.

Common mode chokes

Common mode chokes are a reliable means of reducing stray fields as well as the common mode voltage and current that can be damaging to electrical and...

Specialized products

Highly specific and innovative solutions for demanding applications –performance and reliability based on many decades of experience which has built...

Sine wave filters

MANGOLDT’s Type PSF Sine wave filters set a new standard for Sine wave filter performance and reliability.