Filter reactors

Filter reactors protect reactive power compensation equipment from overload caused by excessive harmonic levels in medium and low voltage distribution systems. They are also used in a variety of configurations of harmonic filters to remove unwanted harmonics from electric power systems.

MANGOLDT produces iron core filter reactors for low and medium voltages, in single- or three-phase construction, for tuned and detuned filter applications. Reactors are custom designed to serve unique requirements based upon site conditions especially harmonic levels and ambient temperature. Designs will be customized to meet customer needs - from winding of the coils with copper wire, copper or aluminium foil, various termination options, to temperature monitoring. Upon request, we can perform a type test complete with temperature rise test under specific operating conditions including harmonics currents. Type tests can be performed in accordance with IEC 60076 or to confirm specifications according to UL standards. Additionally, BIL and partial discharge testing is available.

Our filter reactors are built with our unique PolyGap® core construction to minimize stray flux and audible noise as well as to achieve a maximum lifetime in rigorous applications. Our standard practice is to use vacuum pressure impregnation for secure bonding of the core laminations and gaps as well as to minimize noise emissions.

For use in the North-American area, MANGOLDT filter reactors are available as CUL Listed or cUR recognized products.


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