Line / Load reactors

MANGOLDT offers a standard product range of 5-in-1 Line/Load reactors for adjustable speed drive applications to ensure trouble-free operation of your facility.

As a reliable solution for adjustable speed drives, AC to DC converters, active front ends and frequency inverters, line reactors reduce harmonic current distortion and absorb voltage transients. They efficiently decrease harmonic currents that flow through facility transformers and onto the upstream power system (network).

The line reactor's impedance can also limit starting and peak currents associated with energizing converters thus protecting your electronics. Additionally, charging peaks in capacitor circuits are dampened. Both effects increase the lifetime of the installation.

The MANGOLDT standard product range offers each line reactor with rated impedance values of 3%, 4% or 5% and is available from stock. Therefore, more than 100 different products are immediately ready for dispatch from Germany, Taiwan, USA and Canada.

MANGOLDT supplies all line reactors as UL listed product with the required certification marks. 

Technical Data
Rated VoltageUN / [VAC] 400/480, 600/690
Max. VoltageUmax / [VAC] 690
Rated FrequencyfN / [Hz] 50/60
Rated CurrentsIN / [AAC] 3...1200
Thermal CurrentIth / [ARMS] 1,07 x IN
Test VoltageU / [VAC] 3000 (1 min)
Rated Impedance3/4/5% @ 400VAC 50 Hz /
480V/60Hz, 600V/60Hz
Overload1,5 x IN for 1 min/h
ImpregnationVacuum-overpressure (VPI)
Insulation ClassT50/H, 115C rise
Type of CoolingNatural convection (AN)
Protection ClassIP00

Advantages of MANGOLDT ACL Reactors at a Glance:

  • 5-in-1 functions as line/load reactor, SCR Notch reactor, PWM reactor, dv/dt reactor
  • Featuring Mangoldt’s PolyGap® core construction for low harmonic (and PWM) losses
  • High linearity inductance for maximum absorption of transients
  • Cost-effective solution to reduce harmonic distortion
  • Increased reliability and lifetime of the inverter (VFD)
  • Improved overall performance
  • Standard winding in aluminium (competitive raw material costs and less weight) - on request also in copper
  • Direct availability: stock in Germany, USA and Canada (partners)
  • All reactors are UL listed



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