Sine Wave Filters

MANGOLDT’s Type PSF Sine Wave Filters set a new standard for Sine Wave Filter performance and reliability. The combination of precise three-phase reactors and high performance capacitors guarantees best-in-class motor protection and extended motor life-time.

Based on knowledge gained from several decades of applications experience as well as ongoing R&D they provide stable feature properties for your application. PolyGap® core technology is utilized for low power losses as well as balanced inductance. This leads to a superior lifetime of MANGOLDT PSF Sine Wave Filters.

Sine Wave Filters from MANGOLDT are designed to suit both - line input or load output of drive systems. The modular design and its overall small dimensions make it easy to integrate and install them. They are designed for higher DC link voltages to assure proper function even within stressful applications like active front end drives (AFE) and motors for frequent regenerative braking.

MANGOLDT supplies all Sine Wave Filters as standard according to UL approval standards with the required certification marks.


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