Indirectly water-cooled reactors

Every day, MANGOLDT technology proves its reliable performance in numerous industrial applications. Our customers from diverse sectors of the electrical industry rely on MANGOLDT innovation, especially for specific products such as our water-cooled solutions.

MANGOLDT's indirect water-cooled chokes are very compact, yet extremely powerful. Losses are almost completely dissipated via the cooling circuit, which allows the power density in the control cabinet to be increased. This is achieved thanks to the very high heat absorption capacity of water and the more targeted cooling of individual elements.

The volume of the components can be significantly reduced, as fans can be dimensioned smaller or eliminated altogether. The result: positive effects for performance, efficiency and service life.

For safety-relevant special parts, such as connections for cooling water, MANGOLDT uses materials with special properties as a standard to ensure long durability and corrosion resistance. This allows the safety criteria of indirect water-cooled solutions to be perfectly met. MANGOLDT therefore relies on the reliable impermeability of the all-metal connections made of stainless steel, aluminum or brass.

Thanks to special push-in fittings, MANGOLDT enables its customers to make very simple water-cooling connections, which makes installation faster and safer. At pressures from -0.95 to +16 bar as well as temperatures from -40 to +120 °C, the chokes always operate reliably even in the harshest conditions.


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