Mangoldt’s PolyGap – your advantage

Mangoldt reactors, featuring PolyGap® set the standard in the world market with superior efficiency, handling of harmonic currents and maximal durability.

This unique performance is achieved through our unique design of the magnetic core and air gap. Whereas, traditional reactors have only a single or few air gaps, Mangoldt reactors are engineered with many small air gaps of varying length. The use of small air gaps minimizes the losses and heat associated with harmonics, resulting in higher performance and reliability for a longer lifetime. 

Especially for large harmonic currents and high frequencies, PolyGap® improves the control of the magnetic flux, decreases stray magnetic fields to an absolute minimum, reduces audible noise and temperature rise and avoids undesirable power loss, especially due to harmonic frequencies. Additionally, it tends to makes our reactors lowerin power losses and audible noise than traditional reactors produced by others in the market place. 

The unique PolyGap® core construction, as an option, is also available with indirect water cooling to assure that heat is dissipated effectively to prevent localized overheating. Polygap® can increase the durability of our reactors and extend the typical lifetimes to more than 20 years, in even severe harmonics applications. PolyGap® reactors can help to prevent the expensive and annoying downtime associated with premature failure and replacement of inferior reactors.