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21. Common mode chokes  
Common mode chokes Common mode chokes are a reliable means of reducing stray fields as well as the common mode voltage and current that can be damaging to electrical and electronic equipment (Kopie…  
22. Career  
(Kopie 2) Welcome to a strong team! (Kopie 3)  
23. Audio frequency blocking devices  
Audio frequency blocking devices Blocking of audio signals in reactive compensation systems, consumers or distribution systems with precise tuning against audio frequency transmission signals - also…  
24. Applications  
(Kopie 2) MANGOLDT – strong performance  
25. Air core reactors  
Air core reactors Effective against switching peaks and inrush currents in reactive compensation and other capacitor systems and in limiting short-circuit currents in downstream industrial…  
26. Active filter reactors  
Active filter reactors For demanding use in active filters against very high stresses at PWM switching frequencies. (Kopie 1) Active filter reactors As an important component in…  
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