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(Kopie 2) Reactor Technology At Its Best MANGOLDT develops, constructs and produces application specific reactors in either iron cores or air core construction that ensures the…  
2. Water-cooled reactors  
Water-cooled reactors Compact reactors for higher performance, achieved through efficient dissipation of power losses through the indirect water cooling circuit. (Kopie 1) Indirectly water-cooled…  
3. Tuning inductors  
Tuning inductors Higher efficiency and a better signal quality for audio frequency transmission systems due to precise and reliable setting of the inductance. (Kopie 1) Tuning inductors  
4. Specialized products  
Specialized products Highly specific and innovative solutions for demanding applications –performance and reliability based on many decades of experience which has built our technical and production…  
5. Smoothing reactors  
Smoothing reactors Highest plant safety thanks to smooth current ramp up for soft starting converters that switch very high loads for short periods. (Kopie 1) Smoothing reactors  
6. Sinusoidal filter reactors  
Sinusoidal filter chokes Efficient production of a sinusoidal voltage waveform at the output of PWM frequency converters – for environments susceptible to interferences (Kopie 1) Sinusoidal filter…  
7. Quality  
(Kopie 2) Quality at Mangoldt (Kopie 3) As an important part of our corporate culture, continuous training and growth of our employees ranks very high. Employee competence along with our…  
8. Products  
(Kopie 2) Products  
9. Privacy  
IMPRESSUM (Kopie 1) Datenschutz  
10. Polygap  
(Kopie 1) Mangoldt’s PolyGap – your advantage (Kopie 2) Especially for large harmonic currents and high frequencies, PolyGap® improves the control of the magnetic flux, decreases stray…  
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