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11. Locations  
(Kopie 6) Globally active (Kopie 7) Our technical, sales and service teams work hand in hand across several continents at our sites in Germany, Taiwan, India and China. We consider diversity and…  
12. Line reactors  
Line chokes Effective protection against harmonics and transients in high-performance drive systems. (Kopie 6) Line reactors As a reliable solution for adjustable speed drives,…  
13. Imprint  
IMPRESSUM (Kopie 1) Imprint  
14. Filter reactors  
Filter reactors Effective protection of detuned and tuned filter circuits against overload from high harmonic levels in medium and low voltage distribution systems. (Kopie 1) Filter reactors  
15. dV/dt - limiting chokes  
(Kopie 5) dV/dt - limiting reactors Used at the output of frequency inverters, dV/dt-limiting reactors effectively protect downstream circuit from the steep voltage increases…  
16. Download  
(Kopie 2) MANGOLDT places high value on providing comprehensive service – this includes our website  
17. Contact  
(Kopie 2) Address and contact Google Maps Karte (Kopie 1)  
18. Compensation reactors  
Compensation chokes Long-lived and highly precise reduction of undesired reactive power (Kopie 1) Compensation reactors Compensation reactors are an essential part of reactive…  
19. Company certification  
(Kopie 2) ISO 9001:2008 The standard is the most widespread and most important one in quality management nationally and internationally. Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 forms the basis for…  
20. Company  
(Kopie 2) MANGOLDT stands for quality  
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