MANGOLDT quality
sets the standard

Innovative, certified
technology for global use

Competence and experience
in electrical engineering since 1941

Reactor Technology At Its Best

MANGOLDT develops, constructs and produces application specific reactors in either iron cores or air core construction that ensures the highest safety and efficiency in electrical systems throughout the world.

Our customised solutions are the standard in many parts of the electrical industry. They offer valuable benefits for our clients- from international market leaders to highly specialised technology companies and service providers, to energy suppliers.

With our many customers, we rely upon long business partnerships for our mutual entrepreneurial success. The keys to these relationships are outstanding quality, performance and reliability of our certified products –combined with the high technical competence of our employees in reactor technology, as well as design and consulting capabilities.

MANGOLDT has produced components for use in electrical engineering since it was founded in 1941. Today, we act on a sustainable growth course around the world with sites in Germany, East Asia and India.

Contact us – MANGOLDT offers the best reactors for your application!

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PolyGap – Guaranteeing a long service life

Thanks to PolyGap®, MANGOLDT reactors are more reliable, higher-performing and have longer service lives than reactors built with conventional construction methods.

The patented distribution of individually sized air gaps within the core ensures consistent temperature dissipation and ensures a higher frequency stability as well as preventing stray magnetic fields outdoe of the reactor. PolyGap® also reduces power loss and sound emissions.

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